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Biodiversity Conservation Statement
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Environmental Policy
  【Basic Philosophy】

Our corporate identity is to contribute to realize the better environment for the human beings through our business activity as electronic device general trading company based on global-oriented and growth ( = hapiness) oriented mind.
Therefore, we regard the effort to environmental problem as the one of the most important common agenda in society, thus we attempt to preserve global environment continuously in our each business activity from our company managemant point of view.

  【Action Guideline】
  1.We abide by environmental laws and regulations
  We attempt to avoid contamination by complying with environmental laws, regulations and codes and the other requirements we agreed
2.We offer environmentally conscious products
We attempt to purchace environmentally friendly products and promote supply of environmentally conscious products and services, which are reflected by customer needs.
  3.We save natural resources

We promote effective utilization of natural resources by rationalization of operation and efficiency of delivery for energy saving and waste reduction.

4.We make an effort of solving environmental problem continously.
We attempt to maintein and improve the environmental objective and goal, which are set by ourself.
  5.We foster environmentally friendly corporate culture.

We familiarize all employees with the environmental policy and promote their awareness of environmental protection such as prevention of global warming, conservation of natural environment and biodiversity throuogh awareness building activities.

This environmental policy is published externally.

December 27, 2010 (revised)
May 23, 2005 (enacted)
Fujiwa Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Acquisition Date
Adapted Standard
Registry Number
Examining Authority
HQ, Fujiwa Electronic Co.,Ltd.
December 30, 2005
JIS Q 14001:2004
ISO 14001:2004
JSAE 1174
Japanese Standards Association
Registration Card
Registration Annexed Document
We obtained ISO 14000 in December 2005.
  The HQ of Fujiwa Electronic Co.,Ltd. 1.acquired ISO 14000, which is an international environmental standard in December 2005.
We are willing to handle with preservation of global natural environment.
Statement for Conservation of Biodiversity

We, Fujiwa Electronic, are promoting business activities with caring of ecological system based on our corporate philosophy, which are global-oriented, hapiness & growth-oriented and willing to contribute to realizing the better environment for human-beings as follows:

    1. We regard the conservation of biodiversity as the one of the most important issues and make an effort to pay attention to the influence to biodiversity in our all business activities.
  2.  We conciously purchase biodiversity concious products, refrain from use of disposable goods, use products with care for a long term and attempt to save the use of water, energy and biological resources so that the current ecosystem will not be damaged.
    3.  We have a vision for the future and make an effort to preserve rich biodiversity for next generation.
  4.  We attempt to promote action for preservation of biodiversity while we make an effort to have communication with customers, suppliers and local communities.
    5.  We attempt to increase our understanding and awareness toward biodiversity, thus enhance conciousness for preservation of biodiversity.
January 24, 2011 (revised)
December 27, 2010 (enacted)
Fujiwa Electronic Co.,Ltd.