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customers 1st trusted design high quality environment-conscious
Advantage of design development

What is now required to power devices are good reliability, short lead time and large production at low cost.
We are making an effort of shortening lead time and lowering the cost by standardizing circuit and components so that we can offer you solutions to solve your problems of what are related with power deveices such as downsizing, lead-free component and cost reduction as we already have a plenty of proven past results.

Advantage as trader

Capability of procurement, Lead time management & Outsourcing assembler
By utilizing our strength as a electronic parts & devices trader, cost competitive design becomes possible so also that the lead time is not so longer than the standard power devices.
It is also possible to respond to your delivery requirements by real-time production management system and direct delivery from our outsourcing assembler to customers.

Best solutions to customer's requirement
  ◎Too big standard power device ---------> downsizing
◎Too expensive current device ---------> cost reduction
◎Impossible to make lead-free ----------> lead-free power device
●Too small number of power devices -----> production of small lot
Example facilities where our products are used: