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CSR Statement

Fujiwa Electronic CSR Statement

  In order to promote our business activities with care of CSR as we put value on human relations and harmony under our corporate philosophy thus aspire to become a company, which makes bright future by contribution to mankind's hapiness and environmental preservation, we, Fujiwa Electronic, states that all employees act as follows:

1.Legal Compliance
(1) We don't act against laws and regulations and as if allegation may occur in any circumstances of our business activities.

(2) We comply with our related laws and company regulations and make an effort to adjust all our corporate activities to good business custom and social ethic.

2.Human Right, Labor and Safety Sanitation
(1) We respect individual human rights and never violate it through sexual harassment or discrimination based on his/her race, religion, belief, gender, social status and disability.
We also never foment and allow such activities.
(2) We don't allow enforced labor, child labor, inhumane treatment, discriminative recruitment.
(3) We offer comfortable working environment with appropriate working hours, salary and safety sanitation for employees' safety and health.

3.Consideration for natural environment

(1) We make an effort to solve environmental problem through our business activities in order to contribute to restore and preserve beautiful natural environment directly or indirectly.
(2) We carefully provide customers with the products and services, which don't contain harmful material and is less environmental burden through our environmental protection activities based on our "Environmental Policy."
(3) We attempt to reduce the amount of waste products and CO2 emissions and preserve biodiversity by complying with environment-related laws and regulations.
(4) We attempt to save energy resources by eliminating inefficiency and waste as we use all materials as long as possible and reuse them.

4.Fair Trade and Corporate Ethics
(1) We trade healthily and fairly with respect of fair and free competition.
(2) We strictly refrain from bribery, giving facilities, abstraction and constraining by utilizing job-related status and trade accordance with healthy business custom and social common sense.
(3) We use information appropriately accordnace with its kinds such as customers information, corporate confidential information, indivisual information and the 3rd person information, and strictly manage them.
(4) We appropriately manage corporate assets and intellectual properties in accordance with prescribed arrangement.

5.Safety of Products and Services
(1) We attempt to provide customers with products and services, which enhance their satisfaction and reliability by considering quality and safety.

6.Information Management
(1) We maintain and manage information security to protect appropriately customers information, corporate confidential information, indivisual information and so on.

September 19, 2012 (revised)  
December 1, 2006 (enacted)  
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