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HATTORI Hironari
Fujiwa Electronic has been contributing to society since its foundation in 1975, named under the founder's will of spreading the "circle of happiness" like the wide foot of Mt.Fuji. ("Wa" of Fujiwa means "circle" or "peace and harmony" in Japanese.)

And now, we are willing to create our original goods which will be generated by each individual's creativity upon the crystallized ability of procurement as a buyer and designing as fabless power device manufacturer.

As "Hataraku"(meaning "to work" in Japanese), literally means making "hata"(neighbor) "raku"(happy), it is our pleasure that our customers become happy and the society's needs become fulfilled.
We are willing to train ourselves continuously, breaking through the existing shell, in order to be professionals, who are able to create new values in the society so that the "circle of happiness" will requisitely be spread globally in the current borderless age.

Please expect our more contribution to the world through our business, which are based on the motto "continuous innovation become tradition."